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International Area Studies Review

ISSN : 2233-8659 (Print)

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International Area Studies Review

ISSN : 2233-8659 (Print)

Copyright Agreement Procedure and Specification of Rights for Journal Submission

In compliance with COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines, the International Area Studies Review (IASR) follows a structured procedure for copyright agreement and a clear specification of rights. Authors submitting manuscripts to IASR are required to adhere to the following copyright policies:

*Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) - https://publicationethics.org/

1. Copyright Transfer Agreement

Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be required to transfer the copyright of the article to IASR. This transfer ensures that the publisher has the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproductions, microfilm, or any other reproductions of similar nature and translations.

2. Author Rights

Authors retain the following rights:

  • Right to Use for Personal Purposes: Authors may use the article in future research projects, lecture notes, or books, provided proper acknowledgment of the original publication in IASR is given.
  • Right to Share: Authors may share the published article with colleagues or use it for scholarly, educational, or research purposes.
  • Right to Self-Archive: Authors may deposit a pre-publication version of their article in institutional or other repositories, with appropriate acknowledgment of the original source of publication.

3. License to Publish

Authors grant IASR a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. The license includes the right to:

  • Distribute: IASR may distribute the article in various formats and through different platforms, ensuring wide accessibility and dissemination.
  • Promote: IASR has the right to promote the article to enhance its visibility and impact within the academic community and beyond.

4. Use by Third Parties

Any third-party requests for the use of the article will be handled by IASR. IASR will coordinate permissions and licensing agreements, ensuring that the author's rights and the integrity of the article are maintained.

5. Compliance with Open Access Policies

If the article is published under an open access model, the terms of the Creative Commons license (CC BY, CC BY-NC, etc.) will apply, allowing broader usage rights as specified by the chosen license. Authors are encouraged to check the specific open access policy of IASR for detailed information.

6. Ethical Considerations

IASR adheres to COPE guidelines to ensure ethical publishing practices. Authors must ensure that their submissions are original, not under consideration elsewhere, and comply with ethical standards regarding data integrity and plagiarism.

7. Submission Procedure

Authors are required to submit a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement upon the acceptance of their manuscript. This agreement will be provided by the IASR editorial office and must be returned promptly to avoid any delays in the publication process.

By submitting to IASR, authors agree to the terms outlined above and understand the rights and responsibilities involved in the publication process.